• We are game development company gathering strait development teams to carry out projects on various platforms

    including PC Online, Mobile, VR projects now and enjoy fun games.


  • Development and Service of

    Triple A Grade Games

    We are always aiming for the
    next-generation flagship title.

    Project O.N.E

    As an MMORPG, optimized for mobile, we signed a publishing contract with global publisher Gamevil

    in October, 2016, and we are developing it for commercialization in 2017.


    Selected “Top 50 games of the year” in 2015 by Google Play

    popular game # 1 in Google Play with unprecedented action style and visuals

    Hard core mobile game with Real-time PVP, Raid, Dungeon intrusion and etc

  • READY when you are!

    Developers who develop fun games for users

    RPG's prestige, develops in-depth RPG

    Game developer company of AAA grade

    Magic Kingdom for Kakao

    This is a shooting action RPG with a 'dual stick' style of action that allows you to move and attack in 360-degree direction. This is an RPG with a variety of magical properties such as lightning, ice, darkness, and flame. You can hunt numerous monsters in the screen with fantastic skills.

    Rusty Blood VR / Fantasy Riding (VR)

    This is a VR RPG with Rusty Blood IP. The goal is to create VR content that maximizes the benefits of Vive and Oculus, the best-performing VR platforms available today. We are also considering porting console and mobile platforms later. It combines the splendid graphics implemented in the 360-degree screen, which is a feature of VR, and the motion controller, and features a striking sense of hitting.


    Combining VR technology with a fantasy-inspired racing game. With the distribution network of A & A Entertainment, which operates 20 large game centers in Korea. Based on the achievements of this project, we will develop more game center contents.

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