3D virtual world fused with reality



“Metaverse” is made up of the prefix “meta” (meaning beyond) and the stem “verse” (a back-formation from “universe”); It refers to a 3D virtual world where social, economic, and cultural activities such as the real world take place.

The Metaverse world has been expressed in the word Virtual Reality,
but now the word Metaverse is mainly used as a term for advanced concepts. Different characters in virtual space, whether socially or economically, have human exchanges with software agents (as avatars) and use the metaphor of the real world, but there are no physical restrictions.

In the future, as the Internet is evolving into a 3D network, Metaverse is expected to become a key keyword for the IT industry in the future.

metaversepage_image DitoLand metaverse-exhibition

Metaverse is DitoLand.


By utilizing DitoLand Expo, avatar, which has evolved one step further than virtual reality (VR), you can engage in social and cultural activities same as real reality, allowing you to conduct various kinds of exhibitions and events on Metaverse without restrictions on subject, time, and space.

DitoLand metaverse-exhibition UTPlus Interactive Inc.
Image Source: 2021 Seongnam Indicraft Festival.
metaversepage_image DitoLand metaverse-exhibition
metaversepage_image DitoLand metaverse-exhibition

Things you can do at the DitoLand Expo!

시간과 공간의 제약이 없는 획기적인 행사!

A groundbreaking event with no time and space constraints!

게임추가 가능!

Games can be added so visitors don't get bored!

글로벌 행사를 위한 다국어 지원! ​

Multilingual support for global events!

채팅과 음성채팅

On-site chat and voice chat

단순 전시에서 콘서트까지 다양한 종류의 행사!

From simple exhibitions to concerts, various kinds of events!