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your Workplace

You can either choose to work in
Pangyo or Gangnam.

Welfare Points

Points are given quarterly to use freely at
our exclusive online welfare mall.

Your Lunch is on Us!

Meal ticket points given every month!
Use your points at any participating
restaurants near the office.

Use Annual
Leave Freely

Use your annual leave
anytime you want!

No Worries about
Commuting to Work

Car parking fee assistance and
free shuttle buses available.

Working Hours

Start your day at work in
between 9 – 10 am in the morning.

Employee Reward

Vacations and various gifts are rewarded
for our long-term employed workers.

Insurance and
Retirement Pension

We provide employees with four major
insurances as well as retirement pension.

Stock Options
and Incentives

Based on the project performance, stock
options and incentives are rewarded!

Share the Good
and Bad Times

We support your family events, including
birthdays, funerals, and etc.

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Create a global contents with the best teams in UTPlus interactive!

The best asset of a company is its employees.
If it is deemed necessary for the job, we spare no investment. Please apply for various jobs needed for development and service!