Imagination into reality! A new world I'm creating!
will give you a unique experience based on UGC,
which allows you to create and share freely with your own avatar.

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DitoLand UTPlus Interactive Inc.

Imagination into reality! A new world I'm creating!

Experience the world of Metaverse that I make, share, and enjoy together.

More evolved Metaverse
implemented with "Unreal engine"

Provides a highly complete template
and allows you to create high-level content.

Avatar that can replace me
on a digital platform

Can create a detailed appearance to explore
the world of Metaverse on my behalf.

Epic Mega Grants selected

Epic games promotes the excellence of the project
through Epic Mega Grants to make it easier
for talented developers and tool makers to realize
their artistic and technical goals.

DitoLand UTPlus Interactive Inc.

2021 Indie craft hosted

Through the DitoLand platform, users can meet 5 worlds
and 100 game booths with various themes at 'Indie craft' and
experience a true Metaverse-type online game show where they can enjoy various mini-games.

Through text chat and voice chat functions, it will be elaborated to communicate with global game users as well as to feel like meeting in person when conducting business-related meetings.

Game Jam with DitoLand

Holding a game jam using DitoLand for middle school students every week. Teach them how to use it in the morning and produce contents in the afternoon.