Enjoy a limitless Action RPG with ample speed, cool skills,
and sophisticated, beautifully rendered graphics

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Splendid and lively action

Feel the joy of triumph with continuous action.
Enjoy the Action RPG with 6 attractive & unique characters.

Diverse combat features in real-time

Be the winner in 1vs1 real-time bloody battles.
Conquer the raid bosses with strategic teamplay.
Enjoy a variety of rewards by attacking enemies
with your elite parties.


Various skills and extensive weapons

Experience overwhelming power by combining various skills in your own style. Become the ultimate warrior by collecting more than 3,000 types of armor
and Soul stones to defeat legendary monsters.

(구 러스티블러드)
구글 올해의 게임 선정

'2015년 구글 플레이 올해의 게임'에 선정

‘구글 플레이 올해의 게임’은 전체 다운로드 수와 유저 평점을
종합적으로 평가해 상위 50개룰 선정한다. ‘러스티블러드’는
국내 유수의 게임들과 함께 롤플레잉게임(RPG) 부분에 선정되며,
게임성을 인정 받았습니다.